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I have recently graduated from Salem State University with a Bachelors in Corporate Finance & Accounting and a minor in Economics.(C.O 2018). I recently turned 22 years old on July 7 (lucky number 7!!), and I am ready to start the new chapter of my life. I am currently working at North Shore CDC, as a Small Business Coordinator.


My education will NOT stop at undergrad, I will continue to self educate to master my skills and learn new ones. I am also an affiliate of Primerica, and in the process of getting my licenses to help clients with insurance, annuities, retirement planning, IRA rollovers, etc.


As far as EntreDupe... My partner, DeJolie, and I are building the strong foundation and finalizing the missing pieces to fully launch EntreDupe and its business segments. We have spent great time trying new things, failing, experimenting, listening to feedback, investing time/capital, and learning, in order to manifest the various business segments that we have under the EntreDupe brand.


At EntreDupe we value EDUCATION, COMMUNITY SERVICE, PEOPLE, EQUALITY, DIVERSITY, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, & HAPPINESS. Through our business segments, we promote Financial Stability, Human Capital, & Generational Wealth. 

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Jamal Lawson of The Jam Company sits with Andrew Duperval of EntreDupe to discuss his college experience and his challenges of being an entrepreneur. Subscribe to The Jam Company YouTube Channel!




Hello, I am Jamal Lawson of The Jam Company. The mission of The Jam Company is to be a platform for people that want to spread their stories or creativity. The values of The Jam Company are Positivity, Preparation, Perseverance, and Patience (the 4 P’s), which stem internally with the purpose to spread through building community. Through personifying the 4 P’s, I created four different “flavors” (blueberry, strawberry, peach, and grape) that combines to make the entire brand of JAM by displaying an individual’s uniqueness.

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