DeJolie Tchoumi

Chief Operating Officer

DeJolie Tchoumi is the co-founder of EntreDupe Inc. DeJolie was born in Cameroon, Africa and moved to the United States in 2003. Coming from a country with very little opportunity, he’s always been passionate about creating opportunities for his family and community. As a result, he co-founded EntreDupe Inc. with Andrew. Started off as a project to gather friends to pool our resources and invest; they quickly realized that they can change the lives of many people in the community. 


EntreDupe Inc. provides a network and resources needed to help better our community and the world. We’ve been able to teach over 300 high school students about financial literacy through partnerships with community organizations. Now he’s currently helping a group of 10 residents at Pequot Highlands in Salem create a stable and sustainable financial profile. On top of that, he’s credit consultant helping people fix their credit and rebuild it.


DeJolie is currently a rising senior at Suffolk University studying wealth management, with the goal of becoming a CFP after graduating. He vows to continue to use my education to provide more value to the world.

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