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For years we have been saying the same thing over, and over again. 

The school system is flawed, and the curriculum doesn't teach finance, wealth, time management, personal development, generation wealth, entrepreneurship, mental health, etc. 

We can either talk about these issues or do something about it.

Our solution is providing educational videos, articles, and resources from EntreDupè and our network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders around the globe on the topics that 99% of the world struggle with, wealth, finance, & entrepreneurship.

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How BETTING ON NBA TEAMS is similar to



If you are a true NBA fan, then you already know that you must have strong data and facts to support your answer, for what is to be the most important question in the NBA, "Who is taking it all this year?"  


Economists & Investors can agree that they too need to have strong data & facts to support their answer, for what is to be the most important question for investors, "What market will outperform & produce the highest ROI this year?"


If you are a beginner wealth builder, investor, economist, or just someone curious about how the economy works, watch the full video to learn how the NBA is similar to the structure of the Economic Markets.


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February 20, 2018

The 2008 crisis resulted in a 50% to 60% recession that scared many investors away from all types of investing, as they rushed to cash and gold. The drop that resulted from the 2008 crisis makes the latest 2018 minor market correction, look like a regular volatile swin...

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