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What is Coaching ?

A coach is typically someone who provides training, guidance, accountability, and support to help others reach their full potential and achieve a specific goal, professional and/or personal.


Often times, when we hear the word coach, most of us think of a sports team coach, or the seating package on an airplane haha. Only few people have hired other types of coaches, Believe it or not, most of us have had at least 1 coach in our lives, teaching & guiding us on various topics. As a child, most likely your parents/guardians played the role of a coach, helping you take your 1st steps, say your 1st words, and eat your 1st bite of food. 

What We Offer

A 13-week long certificate program starting in April to help 20 students with their personal finance. We will coach and guide each student as they embark on their own Journey to Financial Freedom.

Staring up a business is not easy; you have to be be flexible and innovative to juggle all the demands of your business and willing to go through many, many, obstacles. Our Small Business Consultants help small business owners identify problems in their business, and develop strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about their business.

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