About EntreDupe Inc.™

Our mission at EntreDupe Inc.™, is to help you create

Financial Stability, Human Capital, & Generational Wealth.  


JTFF Financial Literacy Program

Save a seat for our next JTFF certificate program. 

Entrepreneur Network

Join our YHU40 network to increase your human capital, build your network, share your ideas & grow your business.

Real Estate Group

Gentrification is affecting communities like yours and mine, and if we don't purchase our neighborhood back, it will be gone before our eyes. Join our discussion and learn from professionals what our options are to combat. 

Small Business Consultation

Many businesses start and fail due to lack of resources, lack of support, and lack of business expertise. We will provide businesses the resources they are lacking and help them overcome their challenges. 

Music Artist

Branding & Marketing

There are too many artists that have an abundance of talent but do not have the resources and/or expertise to make it. We will help artists with the business side of things so that they can focus on producing great art. 

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